The team's equipment

EMRT operates a simple “bag system”, which is standardised, to aid familiarity for all team members. Below is the standard kit which is carried on the team vehicles. Every bag below is taken to the incident site and contains all of the equipment we require to effectively manage any situation on the hill.

We also carry a diverse range of rope and crag rescue equipment which is deployed onto the hill to support any incident which involves rescue at height or on steep and unstable terrain.


Team members carry out routine maintenance on the vehicles, including weekly and monthly health checks. The team has a dedicated Vehicle Officer (who is a non-operational Support Group member) who oversees the health of the vehicle and manages any issues that may arise, along side the Equipment Officer.

The vehicles are serviced and MOTed every six months to ensure that they are kept in the best possible shape. This in itself can be a challenge, as there is always something that needs doing!

Before a vehicle is driven it goes through a pre drive check to ensure that it is safe to drive especially on blue light runs. Each vehicle has a weekly check of tyres, fluids etc and each month it has a thorough further in depth check at base.

  • Three 110 Landrovers (DM1, DM2, DM3)
  • One Toyota HiLux (DM5), specially converted to meet the needs of the team
  • One Mercedes 4x4 Incident Control vehicle (DM4)

48 Hours in Mountain Rescue

Below is a video produced by the team to explain what we do as a team.

Giving back to the Hill

A film made for a university final year assignment on the activities of EMRT. Produced over a series of visits to the team by Owen Bellwood

If you require assistance from Mountain Rescue:

DIAL 999

Ask for Police & Mountain Rescue

Give the operator the exact location of the incident, the nature of any injuries, the number of casualties and your phone number

Stay near your telephone and stay put until told otherwise