What skills do I need to become a prospective member?

Prospective members will need to be fit and healthy to undertake physical tasks in all weather conditions, have good hill skills and be competent navigators. It will also be necessary to have some technical rope-work skills and possess a valid first aid qualification. The team’s First Aid training is broader and more in-depth than most work place first aid, therefore a prior qualification or training is required. You must be willing to work as part of a team, live or work in close proximity to our prime operational area and be prepared to commit a significant amount of your time to the cause.

The application process

If you are interested in joining, then submit an application to the Training Officer. The application form can be found below.

Suitable candidates will be invited for interview and then to attend a few training sessions, to get an idea of what the team is like.

The final stage of the application process is attending an aspirant selection day, where they will get a taste of life in the team. This day involves looking closely at your hill craft and navigation skills, as well as your ability to fit into our team.

Not all candidates are selected but those that are will have a good idea of the work involved in qualifying as a full team member. If accepted a keen aspirant can be ready for assessment in about 18 months.

The training process

During the training period, aspirants must attend a specified amount of team training and complete a modular training course. We train every other Tuesday evening and you will be expected to attend around 75% of those during your training phase. On top of this requirement, you will have to do other evenings and weekends to increase your understanding of the techniques and processes the team uses.

You will also be expected to complete the Mountain Rescue Council Casualty Care Certificate in this time. This is a high-level medical certificate, which covers the techniques and skills required to treat, monitor and evacuate a casualty in a remote environment.

The assessment process

Aspirants will have three main assessments through the training programme on navigation skills, crag rescue techniques and the external Casualty Care exam. This is in addition to successful completion of each module of training.
At the end of the 18 month training period, you will undertake a final assessment. This includes fully immersive casualty care scenarios which tests your medical skills, general hill craft, rope rescue techniques and team work.

Successful completion of the aspirant course and final assessment ensures full team membership and a place on the callout list.

In addition to acquiring technical rescue skills, a prospective member must realise that they will be joining a dedicated team of volunteers, where the work the team does is simply not just an addition to their normal workload, but central to its operation. Working in a volunteer Mountain Rescue Team is highly rewarding experience and develops a range of skills, many of which are transferable to other areas of everyday life.

We appreciate we ask a lot from our members but if you commit and put the time in, the rewards are well worth it.

So if you feel ready and have a place in your life for Mountain Rescue use the link below to fill in and submit our application form, if you meet our basic criteria you will be invited for an interview.

If you require assistance from Mountain Rescue:

DIAL 999

Ask for Police & Mountain Rescue

Give the operator the exact location of the incident, the nature of any injuries, the number of casualties and your phone number

Stay near your telephone and stay put until told otherwise