Lifeventure 300ml Thermal Mug

Vacuum insulated mug with screw-top £12

  • Made from food-grade stainless steel
  • Vacuum insulated double wall construction
  • EasyClean screw on-lid with silicone seal
  • Pressure release chamber regulates the internal pressure as contents cool, ensuring the lid can be removed with ease.

Giraffe Multiwrap

Giraffe Multiwrap £10

Original multifunctional headwear made with Coolmax Repel wind and rain blocker 100% Polyester Microfiber.  Tube measures approximately 500mm by 250mm.  One size fits all.  These are a slim fit seamless tube and can be worn in multiple ways.  Click the link and scroll down for a graphic showing suggested options.

Plastic Loop Key Ring

Plastic Loop Key Ring £2


  • Can be used in a range of situations
  • Measures approximately 100mm x 8mm
  • Hi Visibility so it is easy to find
Trolley Token Key Ring

Trolley Token Key Ring £2

  • Colour - Silver
  • Material - Metal
  • Quality Metal Silver Coloured Key Ring
  • Includes token for shopping trolleys with withdrawn £1 or €1 mechanisms. Unfortunately our stock was purchased prior to the introduction of the new pound coin in 2017. So we cannot guarantee it will work with all trolleys. Experiments at Morrisons, Hillsborough, Sheffield December 2020 confirmed it worked ok. Other Supermarkets are available but haven't been checked.
  • Token is attached magnetically
  • Can be attached to your house keys so you are never caught short again
  • Press the token on the edge nearest the ring to release
  • Makes a good solid key ring even if the trolley token does not work.
A clear Polythene lightweight survival bag for emergency use

Lightweight Survival Bag £5


This lightweight polythene survival bag was created for those situations where it is appropriate to carry something for emergency use but is not appropriate to carry heavier survival equipment.  It is easy to carry and will be better than nothing.  The user must determine what equipment is appropriate for their proposed activity and likely weather conditions.

  • Created for use as a survival bag for our Nine Edges Endurance Challenge Event
  • Acts as a barrier against the elements
  • Compact, lightweight and small enough to pack just in case
  • Full size bag for adult use
  • Total weight 100 grams. Pack size approximately 190mm by 125mm.

Magnetic Bookmark

Magnetic Bookmark £1

  • Magnetic Bookmark folds over the page and sticks together to hold your page in a book or magazine.

Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug £5

Year Book 2020

Year Book 2020 £2

A glossy paperback booklet including the following content

  • 2018 & 2019 Incident list
  • Team Leaders Report
  • Chairman's Report
  • EMR History Timeline
  • The Montane Spine Challenge
  • Search Dog Flo
  • Friends in High Places
  • Apply to Friends in High Places
  • EMR Area of Operation
  • Donate to Edale Mountain Rescue
  • Collection Tins
  • Our Sponsors
Model Toy Land Rover

Model Toy Land Rover £5.50


  • Mounted on a black stand displayed in a clear box
  • Vehicle dimensions H 2.7 W 2.1 L 6 Centimetres
If you require assistance from Mountain Rescue:

DIAL 999

Ask for Police & Mountain Rescue

Give the operator the exact location of the incident, the nature of any injuries, the number of casualties and your phone number

Stay near your telephone and stay put until told otherwise