Date: Sun 18 Aug 2019

Team members involved: 12

Harper Lees

Incident 90 - Sunday 18th August 2019, 10:40hrs The team were called by East Midlands ambulance service to assist a walker who had fallen, injuring their arm and head. A small section of team members were training nearby so were able to respond rapidly and assess and treat the casualty. The casualty was transported in a team vehicle to the roadhead and the waiting ambulance.

Date: Sat 17 Aug 2019

Team members involved: 7

Barnsley Search

Incident 89 - Saturday 17th August 2019 18:30hrs The team duty leader was contacted by Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team with a request for the team to assist with a search for a vunerable 80 year old person in the Locke Park area of Barnsley. Some team members were still at base from the previous incident at Horseshoe Quarry so they and other team members made their way to the RV. Search dog from Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England also were in attendance. After a comprehensive search the missing gentleman was not located and the teams were all stood down.

Date: Sat 17 Aug 2019

Team members involved: 10

Horseshoe quarry

Incident 86 - Saturday17th August 2019 17:20hrs A request from East Midlands Ambulance Service to help with a fallen climber in Horseshoe Quarry. The casualty was treated by EMAS Paramedics at the scene but needed help with evacuating the casualty Team members who were at base were quickly on scene to help carry the casualty back down to the roadhead and to the awaiting ambulance where they were transported to Sheffield Northern General Hospital.

Date: Fri 09 Aug 2019

Team members involved: 10

Grindslow Knoll

Incident 87 - Friday 9th August 2019 16:43hrs Just as team members were travelling home from their day jobs a call came in from Derbyshire Constabulary to go to the rescue of a person who had slipped on Kinder Scout. Two people on holiday from abroad suddenly found their day turned upside down when one of them slipped and aggravated an old ankle injury which rendered them helpless to walk. The duty controller pinpointed their position using Phone Find technology. As is usual on midweek jobs our colleagues from Buxton Mountain Rescue Team were requested to help. Team members from both teams were swiftly at the RV where they were despatched to go up the Old Sled road to the Casualty site. With ever threatening heavy rain showers sweeping across the whole area a very fast response to the casualty site was in order. Team members quickly arrived and a team casualty carer examined the walker before pain relief was administered to a painful injury. After packaging the walker onto a mountain rescue stretcher they and their friends were brought down to meet the East Midlands Ambulance Service crew at the Nags Head who reexamined the casualty before onward transportation to hospital for X-rays and further treatment.

Date: Thu 08 Aug 2019

Team members involved: 9

Win Hill Plantation

Incident 86 - Thursday 8th August 2019 10:18hrs. A morning call to the woodland below Win Hill. A young person walking down off the hill with their father sustained an ankle injury. Despite his best efforts to get down under their own speed he decided to call for assistance. Fortunately we were able to drive one of the team landrovers along the woodland tracks to within a few hundred metres of the pair. After assisting them to the vehicle they were driven back to the road and a waiting ambulance. As usual during the working week we were assist by members of Buxton MRT.

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