Date: Sun 19 Jan 2020

Team members involved: 16


Incident 5 - Sunday 19th January 2020, 14:25hrs At almost exactly the same time as incident 3 was being dealt with a second job came in regarding a fallen walker near Edensor village. An East Midlands Ambulance crew were on scene and treating for quite a nasty lower leg injury however required assistance in evacuating the patient back to the village. The second vehicle was therefore diverted from Stanage along with a further additional vehicle that was supporting the regional coastguard search and rescue helicopter training up near Abney (see earlier post). Once again the casualty was quickly located, given additional pain relief and evacuated by team Land Rover down to the waiting ambulance. A busy day for the team; not only hosting a regional helicopter training session but also dealing with two simultaneous incidents in different parts of our patch.

Date: Sun 19 Jan 2020

Team members involved: 4

North Lees

Incident 4 - Sunday 19th January 2020, 14:18hrs An informant directly called the team base land line number to report a walker in the North Lees estate with a suspected broken arm. Luckily our base was manned and we were able to rapidly deploy two vehicles to the incident. The first vehicle arrived and quickly located the casualty in the woods below stanage plantation carpark. They were able to splint the walker’s injuries and arrange forward evacuation to hospital. Important: Our base is not manned around the clock and the best way to request Mountain Rescue is through 999; requesting police and Mountain Rescue.

Date: Mon 06 Jan 2020

Team members involved: 17


Incident 3 - Monday 6th January 2020, 13:51hrs The team were called by Yorkshire ambulance service to an incident in Mosborough, South Sheffield. A walker had slipped on a footpath and and was unable to mobilise following their fall. Working alongside South Yorkshire fire and rescue service the team used their rescue stretcher to carry the injured walker to the waiting ambulance.

Date: Sat 04 Jan 2020

Team members involved: 9


Incident 2 - Saturday 4th January 2020, 12:58hrs East Midlands Ambulance Service called for our assistance in retrieving a casualty with a lower limb injury from fields near Grindleford. The young lady had been head butted by her fluffy dog with lots of energy, sustaining a painful injury which meant she was unable to walk. We used our specialised stretcher and wheel system to convey her to the waiting ambulance, for onward transport to hospital.

Date: Wed 01 Jan 2020

Team members involved: 23


Incident 1 - 1st January 2020 1515hrs Kinder Scout The team was called as part of the Kinder Plan to locate a missing walker who was lost in mist on Kinder Scout. As team members, including our 3 search dogs, were making their way to base the good news came through that the walker had been stumbled upon by a walking group who guided him to safety. Great result saving a good few hours searching.

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