Date: Wed 27 Nov 2019

Team members involved: 10

Abney Clough

Incident 122 - Wednesday 27th November 2018 14:06 A mid afternoon request from Derbyshire Constabulary to a walker who had slipped in very muddy conditions and injured their ankle. The walker was part of an organised walking group and was unable to move out of Abney Clough due to a very painful injury. First team members were on scene within twenty minutes of the initial callout and were able to give primary care. As other team members arrived on scene with team kit, the casualty was secured on to a mountain rescue stretcher and protected from the worsening weather in a special insulated casualty bag. It was a very muddy carry back out of the Clough to the road head where we waited for the ambulance crew under a shelter tent. We get as many people in to the tent as possible to help generate heat to try and improve the casualties temperature. Thank you to the local traffic for understanding the predicament with our vehicles causing a bit of a bottle neck on the Abney road but with a bit of patience we all got there. The casualty was conveyed to Chesterfield Royal Hospital by East Midlands Ambulance Service for X-rays and further care.

Date: Sat 23 Nov 2019

Team members involved: 2


Dog Call 12 - Dovestones 23rd November 2019 0715hrs The teams search dogs and handlers were placed on standby to join Oldham MRT with a search in the Dovestones area. They were stood down when the missing person was located by the police

Date: Mon 18 Nov 2019

Team members involved: 6

Upper Derwent

Incident 121 Monday 18th November 2019 17.50 A request was received from Derbyshire police, through the regional controller, to assist some benighted walkers in the "Walkers Clough" area on the east side of the Upper Derwent Reservoir. The Regional controller had managed to contact the walkers and use "Phone Find" technology to get a location for them. He managed to point them in the right direction to use their limited lighting to find their way down to the road. A section of team members, in a team landrover headed "Up The Derwent" to make sure the walkers got down ok, particularly as the temperature was dropping fast. The walkers managed to get back themselves back to their car, so Mountain Rescue Boots Didn't get muddy. A good outcome.

Date: Sun 17 Nov 2019

Team members involved: 2


Dog Call 10 - Sunday 17th November 2019 13:00hrs Searchdog Bolt called with 2 other MRSDE dog teams to assist Woodhead MRT with a search at Cudworth, Barnsley. All teams were stood down after the missing person was located by a search section from Woodhead Team.

Date: Fri 08 Nov 2019

Team members involved: 11

Lady Cannings

Incident 120 - Friday 8th November 2109 14:27 A request from Yorkshire Ambulance service to assist with a mountain biker who had been knocked unconscious after falling from their bike in Lady Cannings plantation. Two team members were very close by and were very quickly on scene along with the ambulance technicians/paramedic. A friend of the biker had also arrived and after initial assessment of his injuries and consciousness they were happy to walk them back to the road head and the awaiting ambulance. A quick job which allowed the team to be back on standby for any other incidents.

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