Date: Sat 08 Aug 2020

Team members involved: 10

Padley Gorge

Incident 74 8th August 2020 1220hrs A day off yesterday saw us being called back to Padley Gorge for the third time in the last week. A walker had again stumbled on a rough path and sustained quite a nasty ankle fracture. Immediate medical aid was provided by an EMAS responder prior to the teams arrival. Pain relief was administered before the injury was treated, followed by a carry out back to the road.

Date: Thu 06 Aug 2020

Team members involved: 3


Search Dogs Bolt and Flash, along with other MRSDE dogs called to assist Buxton MRT with an overnight search for a missing vulnerable person. Located the next afternoon safe and well by members of Derby MRT who had been called in to assist the following day.

Date: Thu 06 Aug 2020

Team members involved: 10

The Beast

Incident 73 - Thursday 6th August 2020 16:10hrs. Once again just as we all thought it safe to stand down another request from the duty controller to go to the aid of a mountain biker who had a suspected broken leg which resulted from a tumble on the notorious beast opposite Hagg Farm off the A57 Snake Pass road. Glossop Mountain Rescue Team were requested to assist as it was on bordering patches and further numbers would be needed. Team members were again quickly at the RV although It took a short while to find the casualty as they were slightly off the grid reference that we had received. Helimed 54 had landed in the field just before our arrival and their medics were already up the track so they quickly joined team members to assess the patient and administer strong pain relief for the broken leg. As usual, he was placed onto a Mountain Rescue Stretcher for onward transportation to Sheffield Northern General Hospital Trauma Unit for further treatment. Quite unusual for us to be working with our neighbouring team Glossop and today saw us joining forces on two occasions. It is always good to work together and boost inter team relations.

Date: Thu 06 Aug 2020

Team members involved: 7

The Great Ridge

Incident 72 - Thursday 6th August 2020 14:15hrs. Just as team members had returned to their homes or grabbing some lunch another call for help came in from the duty controller. A walker had slipped on steep ground below Hollins Cross on the Castleton side. First team members were there very quickly as they had been grabbing lunch in Hathersage. Buxton Mountain Rescue Team had also been requested to bolster numbers due to the holiday and midweek shortages. A painfully ankle injury had also caused some minor fitting from some historic medical history so we were all quite concerned about any further developments from that. Edale and Buxton teams made there way up to the casualty site with all the kit and after assessment and pain relief being administered they were loaded onto a Mountain Rescue Stretcher and brought back down the hillside track to the awaiting ambulance crew from East Midlands Ambulance Service for the onward journey to Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

Date: Thu 06 Aug 2020

Team members involved: 9


Incident 71 - Thursday 6th August 10:32hrs. Local farmers were gathering sheep off the moors of the Upper Derwent valley when one of them had a tumble down a Clough resulting in a serious head injury and a very painful chest injury making it difficult to walk. We were called along with Glossop Mountain Rescue Team to locate and rescue the casualty. It was a little vague to where they may be as one source of information contradicted the original grid reference. As Helimed 54 arrived on scene they did a sweep of the area but nothing conclusive came from that. After initial team members arrived up the West End track the farmers vehicles were spotted and local knowledge coupled with a Ranger from the National Trust who was working up there, the casualty site was eventually located. Team members from both teams made there way to the new location and along with medics from Helimed 54 who had been given a lift up from Fairholmes they began the assessment and treatment to the injured farmer. The Coastguard Rescue 912 had also been requested and they were able to land near to the casualty site with rotors running. After packaging onto a stretcher he was hot loaded onboard the Coastguard Helicopter for onward transfer to the trauma unit at Sheffield Northern General Hospital.

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