Date: Mon 15 Jul 2019

Team members involved: 17

Millstone Edge

Incident 73 - Monday 15th July 2019, 1520hrs The team were called by the East Midlands Ambulance Service to assist with a climber who had reportedly fallen 15m on Millstone edge. As the team arrived the climber was being treated by a the crew of the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air ambulance, with the crew of an EMAS land ambulance also in attendance. The casualty was packaged and transported to the road using our specialist vacuum mattress and stretcher, for onward transport to hospital by the air ambulance.

Date: Sun 07 Jul 2019

Team members involved: 6


Incident 72 - Sunday 7th July 2019, 15:44hrs The team along with Buxton were requested by East Midlands Ambulance to a walker who had fallen sustaining a gash to the head in Harden Clough close to Edale. As we had a team member in Edale at the time they were able to meet the informant who had made their way to Edale station. Within a few minutes they were able to meet the casualty who had manage to walk with assistance down to the farm in Harden Clough. The casualty was transported down in one of our Land Rovers back to the station car park where the wound was treated and dressed. The casualty's family then transported them to hospital in their own transport saving the need for an ambulance.

Date: Thu 04 Jul 2019

Team members involved: 16

Stoney Middleton

Incident 71 - Thursday 4th July 2019, 1841hrs The Team were contacted by the duty mountain rescue controller after a request from East Midlands Ambulance Service to assist with the treatment and evacuation of a climber who had fallen several meters from Dead Banana Crack at Stoney Middleton. As we have team members who live in Stoney the first member was on scene with the Ambulance crew in minutes with the rest of the team and equipment arriving soon after. The patient was swiftly immobilised using our specialist equipment and carried to the waiting Ambulance at the road.

Date: Wed 03 Jul 2019

Team members involved: 12

Stanage Edge

Incident 70 - Wednesday 3rd July 2019, 1348hrs The team were requested by Derbyshire police to a member of a local group climbing at the popular end of Stanage who had fallen backwards over a rock and injured their leg. The team were on scene quickly and the patient was assessed by team members, given pain relief and packaged onto a mountain rescue stretcher before being carried back to the road at Hooks Car and handed over to an East Midlands Ambulance crew for further treatment and onward transport to hospital.

Date: Sat 29 Jun 2019

Team members involved: 16

Stanage plantation

Incident 69 - Saturday 29th June 2019 18.23hrs Just a team members were settling down to an assortment of barbecues, ice creams and cold drinks they were overcome with a sense of deja vu as a second request came in from Derbyshire police to attend a member of a D of E group reported as collapsed above Stanage plantation. Luckily a passing trainee member of Calder Valley SRT was able to guide the first team members rapidly to the group where the casualty was again treated for the effects of heat, dehydration and exhaustion before being evacuated back down to the car park. It should be noted that both this and the group from incident 68 were well organised groups who just found themselves victims of the first really hot day of this summer.

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