Date: Sun 17 Nov 2019

Team members involved: 2


Dog Call 10 - Sunday 17th November 2019 13:00hrs Searchdog Bolt called with 2 other MRSDE dog teams to assist Woodhead MRT with a search at Cudworth, Barnsley. All teams were stood down after the missing person was located by a search section from Woodhead Team.

Date: Fri 08 Nov 2019

Team members involved: 11

Lady Cannings

Incident 120 - Friday 8th November 2109 14:27 A request from Yorkshire Ambulance service to assist with a mountain biker who had been knocked unconscious after falling from their bike in Lady Cannings plantation. Two team members were very close by and were very quickly on scene along with the ambulance technicians/paramedic. A friend of the biker had also arrived and after initial assessment of his injuries and consciousness they were happy to walk them back to the road head and the awaiting ambulance. A quick job which allowed the team to be back on standby for any other incidents.

Date: Sun 03 Nov 2019

Team members involved: 15

Stanage Plantation

Incident 119 - Sunday 3rd November 2019, 14:47hrs The team were called to Stanage plantation to assist a boulderer who had taken a high fall, injuring their ankle. Team members were at base following crag and driver training so were able to respond rapidly. After assessment and treatment the casualty was evacuated off the hill on a mountain rescue stretcher, and handed over in the car park for onward transportation to hospital.

Date: Wed 30 Oct 2019

Team members involved: 10

Calton Lees

Incident 118 - Wednesday 30th October 2019, 11:56 hrs The team were called out to assist a collapsed walker on a footpath, near to the Calton Lees carpark in Chatsworth Park. Helimed 54 and an East Midlands Ambulance Service ambulance also attended. The Air Ambulance team were first to the patient, and assessed and stabilised their condition. This left the team to deal with the family of the collapsed walker and assist the ambulance service with a slightly mud-bound ambulance. A quick job, fortunately less serious than first reported, but soon dealt with.

Date: Tue 29 Oct 2019

Team members involved: 10


Incident 117 - Tuesday 29th October 2019,13.14hrs The team received as direct call for assistance from Yorkshire Ambulance Service regarding a walker who had slipped in the woods near to the Halamshire golf course. Luckily the walker had not sustained any serious injuries but needed supporting back to their transport. Team members were able to then quickly return to their afternoons.

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